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Diamond Sponsor - TelVue

"TelVue® Corporation is a broadcast technology innovator and leader that helps video broadcasters automate channels, expand audiences across multiple screens, and broaden the ability to monetize content. TelVue® serves the local origination and leased access needs for the top MSOs and over 100 cable & telco TV operators, powers over 2,500 hyperlocal and PEG channels, and delivers local programming to over 50 million households."

Titanium Sponsor - Planet Networks

"Planet Networks provides award-winning high speed Internet, fiber, cloud, phone, and IT services. Today, being able to communicate reliably is expected. Best of class technologies that just work 24x7 are essential for all businesses and for home use too. Keeping essential information technology systems and connections updated, safe, secure, and available 24x7 requires specialized expertise, systems, and support. Use Planet Networks as a trusted partner to enable you to accomplish your personal and professional goals. Planet has been connecting people, places, and things since 1994."

Platinum Sponsor - Varto Technologies

We are a full reseller of all things audio/video. We provide service, support and training for all the products we offer. We specialize in the Live/Post Production fields as well as audio hardware, lighting, turnkey systems and more. We build and integrate broadcast solutions for several different types of clients including Broadcast studios, Education, Ministry and Sports just to name a few. Your home for all your live/post production, video editing, IPTV, streaming, video hardware, 3D modeling and animation, compositing and DVD authoring needs. We specialize in integrating custom turnkey systems. We also provide training and consulting for all products we integrate and offer. We specialize in the design and building of TV studios for broadcast, IPTV, cable, public access, education and corporate settings. This includes video switchers, cameras, chroma keying, lighting, audio, and all other necessary

Sapphire Sponsor - LiveU

LiveU's EcoSystem is our set of innovative IP-video solutions, designed to add efficiency and shorten workflows across the entire video production chain – from contribution and production to distribution. Enabling you to create more, for less, while reducing content creation complexity. At the core of our EcoSystem is LRT™ (LiveU Reliable Transport) for rock-solid resiliency.

Gold Sponsor - Cologna Productions

At Cologna Productions, we provide a variety of video production and distribution services tailored to your needs, with experience in providing high-quality video and broadcasting services to communities for over 30 years. Our professional team can support you by providing a video communications strategy designed to integrate seamlessly with your PR, social media, website and other messaging channels. Whether you need one-off filming support or an ongoing relationship with a creative and talented video production team, give us a call today. We are here to help build better communication with your community, and we are confident in our ability to deliver results!

Gold Sponsor - DeSisti

De Sisti is a world Leader in the sector of Professional Lighting Systems since 1982. Innovation, technological research, high performances, attention to details and highest international standards of safety are the most significant company features. The De Sisti Lighting Systems are used in the fields of entertainment, broadcasting and architectural lighting. All products are designed, manufactured and tested at De Sisti’s Factories, where several teams of professional and experienced specialists work hard to achieve brilliant results with excellence and quality. Total Quality Control is the primary goal of the factories. With a well-organized worldwide network of distributors and dealers, the company supports the proper implementation of its products/systems in all of the installations at the different fields of application. As time goes by, De Sisti invests in its products and systems upgrade and development, to best benefit of the Technologies advances. For instance the Brand is currently leading important innovations in SSL Lighting (LED), with International Patents and Optimized Optical Systems. This combination of quality products with high efficiency optics, offers great advantages to the users.

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