Robert Boyle

Robert Boyle

CEO and founder Planet Networks

Serial entrepreneur Robert Boyle is the CEO and founder of Planet Networks, a leading provider of next-generation fiber optic Internet, cloud, security, communications, and network services. Boyle is an internationally recognized expert, entrepreneur, and speaker. He has more than 25 years of experience building Internet infrastructure, software, and services businesses, including extensive experience delivering revenue growth and scaling both small and large organizations. Strategic acquisitions have always been part of his growth strategy with over 18 successful M&A transactions completed so far under his leadership. His entrepreneurial background and ability to commercialize nascent technologies has enabled him to drive innovation throughout his career by identifying emerging market trends and correlating them with customer feedback resulting in rapid growth. Service to the community has also been part of the culture of all companies he has started and led with significant involvement in helping solve problems and provide relief to others in social, educational, and civic areas.

12:00 pm - 1:15 pm

Why PEG Stations Should Care About the Broadband Deployment

Thanks to federal funds, Broadband Deployment will allow internet access to more people than ever, but what does that mean for PEG channels. It would seem that, the more people that have internet access, the better for us, but internet access is not cable access, so what can PEG stations do to ensure their signals are available to the widest audience possible. This panel will discuss the status of broadband deployment in the state and the implications for our channels. What is the future of cable distribution? Must we plan for over-the-top apps to reach new viewers and will this be the only way residents can access PEG channels in the future? Will we get more HD distribution? What are PEG stations doing nationally to maximize their availability? Are there new security issues if broadband is the only way to access to our stations? Panelists: Robert Boyle, CEO, Planet Networks; Mike Wassenaar, President & CEO, Alliance for Community Media; Ken Fellman Esq., founder and partner, Wilson Williams Fellman Dittman; Valarry Bullard, Broadband Director, New Jersey Board of Public Utilities; Moderator: Bob Duthaler, President, JAG