Joe Fernandes

Joe Fernandes

Assistant Supervisor of Woodbridge TV

Joe Fernandes is the Assistant Supervisor of Woodbridge TV and has worked in Public TV for over 20 years. Starting as a part timer at his hometown station in East Brunswick while in college at William Paterson University, then as a Producer for Woodbridge TV from 2001 to present.

2:30 pm - 3:15 pm
Lincoln B

Beyond Cable: New Ways to Communicate w/your Citizens- Sponsored by TelVue

Municipal TV is not just cable anymore. We will discuss the various ways a municipality can communicate with their citizens beyond traditional cable television channels. The panel will explore and discuss new video trends in social media, live streaming and how access channels are entering the world of Over The Top (OTT) with their own channels on Apple TV, Roku and more. Panelists: Gina Forbes, Station Manager, Woodbridge TV; Jesse Lerman President/CEO, TelVue Corporation; Joe Fernandes, Assistant Supervisor,, Woodbridge TV; Brandon Uhlig, Station Manager, Metuchen Media; Panelists/Moderator: Bob Duthaler, Managing Partner, DNS Media Group