Edward Cologna

Edward Cologna

the owner of Cologna Productions Inc.

Edward Cologna is the owner of Cologna Productions Inc., an international, multi-
media, NJ-based company. Born in New Jersey, he also lived in Argentina and
Italy. From humble beginnings at a PEG TV Station he founded, he was thrust into
the world of freelance production where he recorded famous people and events
on an exclusive basis. He also did voice-over work for animations and
commercials in English, Spanish and Italian.
Together with his team he managed and rebuilt Public TV Stations from New
Jersey to Uruguay in South America. He has a background in Electronics, is an established fourth-
generation artist and is an advocate of small community based broadcasting stations for 25 years and
counting. As a hobby he is also taking flying lessons. He received Congressional awards for his
humanitarian work in Foster Care and industry Awards for his multi-media. As a documentary producer
and storyteller he wants to elevate the craft so independent creators can compete with the
establishment. He consults with many TV and Production Houses as how to best use available resources
staying within reasonable budgets.

4:30 pm - 5:15 pm

Less Gear and Better Production - Sponsored by DeSisti

Streamlining your workflow in the field by minimizing gear and optimizing production can significantly enhance efficiency and make your work more manageable. We will discuss ways to Prioritize Essential Equipment (cameras, audio and lighting kit), Multifunctional Tools - a smartphone with a high-quality camera can eliminate the need for a second camera in many situations. Invest time in learning the ins and outs of your equipment. This familiarity will enable you to work more efficiently and troubleshoot issues quickly. By implementing these strategies, you can create a more nimble and efficient production workflow in the field, allowing you to focus on capturing high-quality content without being weighed down by excess gear. Plus learn about the latest gear to make this all possible! Panelists: Ed Cologna, Cologna Productions; Paul DeStefano, Northeast Regional Sales Manager, DeSisti; Northeast Regional Sales Manager, DeSisti; Yervant Keshishian, Sales Engineer, Authorized Trainer & Technical Director, Varto Technologies; Moderator/Panelist: Don Smith, Station Manager, Cranford TV