Brandon Uhlig

Brandon Uhlig

Director of Communications / Station Manager – Metuchen Media, Metuchen NJ

An alumnus of Penn State University (1999-Telecommunications), Brandon Uhlig has been involved in the professional broadcasting industry for 25 years.

After a short nine-month employment with local Cablevision (TV-35) in Wall Township, Brandon made the jump to CUNY-TV (TV-75) in New York as their Senior Editor for a few years. Upon leaving CUNY-TV, he worked for MultiMedia Video in New Brunswick until landing in Edison NJ as the Station Manager of ESN-TV (Edison Schools Network).

In the Summer of 2018, he made the move to his current position as the Director of Communications / Station Manager of Metuchen Media in Metuchen NJ.


During his career, Brandon has been honored with five NYNATAS Emmy Award Nominations, with the most recent coming in 2022.


Brandon’s current position allows him to showcase and advertise the incredible community of Metuchen NJ. Focusing on the various personalities, diverse culture and immense pride that the residents feel for their town, allows the stories and experiences to flow from Main St to audiences all over NJ and beyond.


The other love in life is his home in Florence NJ, along with his beautiful wife Audra, and their two amazing daughters Adriana (15) and Talia (13).

2:30 pm - 3:15 pm
Lincoln B

Beyond Cable: New Ways to Communicate w/your Citizens- Sponsored by TelVue

Municipal TV is not just cable anymore. We will discuss the various ways a municipality can communicate with their citizens beyond traditional cable television channels. The panel will explore and discuss new video trends in social media, live streaming and how access channels are entering the world of Over The Top (OTT) with their own channels on Apple TV, Roku and more. Panelists: Gina Forbes, Station Manager, Woodbridge TV; Jesse Lerman President/CEO, TelVue Corporation; Joe Fernandes, Assistant Supervisor,, Woodbridge TV; Brandon Uhlig, Station Manager, Metuchen Media; Panelists/Moderator: Bob Duthaler, Managing Partner, DNS Media Group