Cyd Katz

Cyd Katz

Founder/CEO New Jersey Isn't Boring

Founded by Cyd Katz in 2014 as a resource of things to do in New Jersey year-round, New Jersey Isn‘t Boring quickly grew to the quintessential online hub for all things New Jersey. With a combined knowledge of visual media and social media, she has grown her social media platform organically. NJIB engages its fans and followers on a daily basis with blog posts, photos, and videos that explore the arts, culture, food, history, and hidden gems of New Jersey.

4:30 pm - 5:15 pm
Exhibitors Room

Workshop: Using Video to Enhance your Municipality's Social Media Presence Sponsored by TelVue

Video can help your social media profile. Learn the importance of Reels on instagram & facebook and how to make quick engaging videos to promote events. These short videos have extended to other platforms like YouTube, Twitter and TikTok. This gives you a unique chance to expand your reach into the OTT world by starting to build your social media presence.

A lot of us use social media under the supervision of local government. In this panel we will discuss how to integrate social media in safe and approved ways. We will also discuss potential hurdles you may have to jump along the way.

Presenter: Cyd Katz - Founder/CEO New Jersey Isn't Boring

Jean-Guy Lauture, Sr., IT Director, Bloomfield Township

Moderator: Jesse Lerman- President & Chief Executive Officer, TelVue Corporation